1st Asian Non-Volatile Memories Workshop

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Non-volatile memory technologies (NVMs) have demonstrated great potentials to improve many aspects of present-day and future memory hierarchy by offering high integration density, larger capacity, zero standby power and resilience to soft errors. The recent progress of the research on various NVMs, including NAND flash, PCM, STT-RAM, RRAM, FeRAM, have attracted the increasing attentions from both academy and industry. Besides developing more robust and scalable devices, the unique characteristics of these NVM technologies, such as read-write asymmetry, stochastic programming behaviors etc., introduce tremendous opportunities and challenges for novel memory architectures, system organizations, and management strategies. There is an urgent need of technology invention, modeling, analysis, and design for these NVMs ranging from the device to the system levels.

Asian Non-volatile Memory Workshop (ANVMW) provides a fantastic opportunity for Asian and global non-volatile memory researchers, including both device/technology and circuit/system communities, to discuss and exchange ideas, insights, and knowledge, and to facilitate the establishment of potential collaborations that can speed up progress in the design and application of NVMs. An expanded technical program will be offered in ANVMW 2012 for the audience from academy and industry. The organizing committee is soliciting various topics on related to NVMs, including (but not limited to):

There will be two tracks which cover advances in device/technology level and circuit/system level researches, respectively. As the 1st ANVMW, the event is designed to foster interaction and presentation of early results, new ideas and speculative directions. Thus, workshop will combine a number of invited talks from researchers in academia, technologists from industry, and case studies on the use of novel memories, as well as the talks selected from the regular submissions. Participating authors are invited to submit the abstract of no more than 1 page that will be included in a workshop digest distributed to all the attendees registered for ANVMW 2012. The workshop organizers will also select the extension of the presented works for special issue(s) of SCI journal(s).


Weidianzi Institute of Tsinghua University